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Copy promoting a vast array of products through engaging language that delivers on tone-of-voice objectives. Honing a register that doesn't bore, yet still informs, with SEO practices deployed for targeting consumer groups. Landing page copy, blogging, brand/element assets, mailers, and ads. I've long worked collaboratively and nimbly with heads of departments, sticking to demanding deadlines, in delivering personal copy that actually talks to the consumer. 

De Almeida Illustrations

Overhauling and revamping entire site-wide written content, with emphasis on reshaping product description copy. Engaging, elegant copy for a wide range of paper goods, with emphasis on adherence to brand tone of voice. SEO integrated into all new descriptions, with meta data rewritten.

Justin - De Almeida Illustrations  - Product Description Example.2.png

Inside Out Living.

Tasked with creating the principle landing page for IOL's biggest seasonal launch of products to date. 

Inside Out Living.

Every single product listing was subject to a rewrite when IOL's site relaunched in 2019, completed by myself. All new SS22 products onwards were subject to a tone-of-voice renewal in line with company wide re-brand in early 2022.


Inside Out Living.

Startegising, planning and executing blog articles with a small outsourced agency team managed by me. Around 70% of blogs posted to Inside Out Living were conceived and posted by myself, running at a three times a week frequency.  Emphasis on SEO best practices, keyword research and therefore targeting SERPs and boosting online presence.

Minerva Store & Cafe.

Promoting the popular regional store-come-cafe through creating an 'about us' page that distills the essence of the multi faceted local business into short form copy. 


Mr. Hare.

Creative freedom handed to me in creating and maintaining a weekly newsletter, focusing on our high end product and courting our niche clientele. All were posted on Mr., which became, in the early 2010's, a leading high-end footwear store and online business.

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