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Working collaboratively alongside departments within tech, electric automotive tech and an oddsmaker, in producing thematic copy and copyediting. Bringing technical and jargon-heavy language back down to earth, producing accessible copy for a wider readership within their respective industries. Cohesion, syntax, grammar and tone-of-voice shaped the editing in these assignments.

Potential Motors - OROS ADAS

Complete rewrite of all copy for the company homepage in 2023. Their electric vehicle driver assistance technology needed prominence and attention above their previous automotive product to attract VC attention. Refining a product overview document into a digestible, more accessible, read. Preparing copy for upcoming press releases.

Potential Motors panel-min.png

Potential Motors - OROS ADAS

Preparing posts for Potential Motors' LinkedIn Page during crucial stages of investment planning. Drumming up interest and highlighting the unique qualities of this exciting product for original equipment manufacturers and investors. Careers.

Copy editing an article posted on the careers section of, a leading Australian oddsmaker. Special attention given to cohesion, simplifying language and syntax.


NFT Technologies Press Releases & Industry Articles.

Copy editing collaboratively with NFT Tech, a notable blockchain and crypto company based in Canada. Editing press releases and articles for submission to their global website. Special attention to cohesion, grammar and addressing overly technical language.

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