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Here's what you wanted to say..

Can't place the words? Let me take the helm on your copy needs.

I aim to withdraw the humdrum
from your messaging.

People and connections are where I thrive. My m.o is to promote engaging messaging for your business at absolutely no expense to objective, conversion, and professionalism. 

A specialist of written communication, marketing copy, and creative projects, with a developing strong suit in B2B copy, your precious messaging is in safe hands. I'm adept at delivering a variety of projects with accuracy and personality. 




      Marketing focused web content for ecommerce companies. Specializing in appealing personality driven site wide content that promotes brand tone-of-voice and products. Mailers and social media that elicits customer engagement. Always with SEO best practices front and centre.


Tourism, Creative, & Print

Enticing landing page and blog article copy provided for websites managed by provincial tourism boards. Investigative blog articles researched and written for a provincial Farmers' Market Association. Printed copy for a regional arts & culture zine, contributing to an award winning music blog.

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Industry specific copy for tech firms and an electric automotive startup. Informative ready-to-read press releases and industry newsletter copyediting. Recruitment copyediting for an international online oddsmaker. Internal document reshaping, reflecting shifting priorities, within startups.

4VI, Tourism Vancouver Island

From online retail, tourism, and tech, I have contributed to:

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BC Association of Farmers' Markets

Potential Motors

De Almeida Illustrations

A Personable Professional

Your copy is in safe hands. But whose hands? Get to know the person behind the pen.



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